La machine dans les vignes avec une effeuilleuse

Everyone wants to leave a sustainable and workable land to its children. Robots can help you achieve this goal.

  • Reduce doses of pesticides by treating at night.
  • Perform leaf thinning to improve the aeration of your grapes and increase the effectiveness of anti-botrytis treatments.
  • Perform mechanical weeding with ease, thanks to the robustness our guidance system.


Wine-workers health and safety protection

Un homme en combinaison derrière un chenillard qui traite sur coteau

Whether it is for you or your employees, you no longer have to get close to machines or chemical products. We minimze the risks of personal injuries.

  • No human is exposed to chemicals.
  • In the event of accidental overturning, you are no longer subject to being crushed.
  • The driver of the machines is no longer exposed to vehicle vibrations, resulting in fewer musculoskeletal disorders.

Worker health is at the center of our concerns.

Competitiveness improvements

Photo de notre machine en travail du sol

Reduce labor costs with autonomous machines.

  • Reduce your costs in pesticides by always using the optimal dose.
  • Reduce your labor costs. Skilled operators can focus on key tasks to improve your vineyard production.
  • Reduce your investment in equipment. A standalone machine works longer and can cover a larger area than a conventional machine. As a result, you don't need to buy as many machines and tools.

Gain de temps

Work-schedule optimization

Chenillard qui désherbe de nuit dans une vigne

While the robots do the tedious tasks you can focus on more essential activities. The machines can take care of the mechanical work, while you take care of the management of your company.
By working at nights and weekends, the robot triple your working possibilities ! You are now able to cope with intense and long work services.
Do not miss any favorable weather window, thanks to the high availibility of the robots.