Bakus, our autonomous robot

  • 100% autonomous guidance

  • 100% electric

  • As powerful as a conventional straddler

  • Low energy cost

  • Low maintenance

Our robot Bakus is the result of two years of R&D, and it was presented to vinegrowers in early 2018. A first version will be marketed in early 2019 and will perform mechanical weeding. A second more versatile version, is currently under development to integrate, among other things, confined spraying.


Hector, our autonomous caterpillar prototype

Le robot viticole autonome chenillard avec effeuilleuse

During the whole 2017 campaign, we worked in the region of Champagne in order to enhance our guidance technology and achieve a fully working system. Thanks to the outstanding results yield by this prototype, we are now hard at work towards the commercialization of our technology through the robot Bakus.

Summary of the tasks performed by our prototype on 2016 and 2017

Notre machine en travail du sol


Mechanical weeding is time-consuming and delicate. It is simplified by the use of autonomous machines, which have a fast reaction time that allows for a precise guidance. Thanks to its high traction power and controlled hydraulic outputs, you can mount any tools on this machine.





Phytosanitary treatments

We are working in collaboration with the CIVC (Inter-professional Committee of the Wine of Champagne) on the Plumecoq domain to conduct autonomous phytosanitary treatments trials.


Spring leaf thinning

It cleanses your vines by aerating them. This also improves the effectiveness of anti-botrytis products.

Leaf thinning can also be done before harvesting to facilitate the work of seasonal workers.

Illustration d'une machine autonome dans les vignes

Un prototype de robot viticole en train de tondre


Grass strips are more and more used to improve the biodiversity of our vineyards. However, their maintenance is more tedious. It is possible to mount a mower in front of the vehicle to properly maintain these strips of grass. You can even optimize your time by mounting other tools simultaneaously.